High Sierra 4×4 is going to build a buggy this year.  We are starting from scratch (sort of).  We have chosen the Goat Built 2 seater Buggy as the platform for our build.  While not completely from scratch it is a buggy that we have to assemble, weld, and complete.  That means coming up with a powertrain, suspension setup, doing all the plumbing, wiring, and final assembly before this beast will be wheeling any trails.  We know this project is no small feat and we plan to discuss the build and provide updates all year long.  We will do our best to capture videos and how to documentation as we go.  That way our listeners will be better equipped to do the same when we are done.  Wish us luck, we are probably going to need it!

High Sierra 4×4

If you want to find out more about the Goat Built Buggy in a box visit them online at www.goatbuilt.com.