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    I don’t have a conceal carry permit and in the great state of Texas you don’t need one as you can open carry.  My question is should i get a permit if i plan to keep a pistol in my Jeep or Truck?



    I have a .45 1911 and have often brought my gun with me when camping in the National Forests here in California and know its a big worry of mine to have a gun in the jeep because of laws stating the gun has to be in a trunk and cannot be placed in a locked glove box or”utility box”,

    Ive also been told you cant have the bullets in the same cab as the gun, but thats hearsay

    Any comments?



    The laws can be confusing regarding transporting firearms.  Realistically, here in California, the firearm and ammunition should be kept in separate compartments within the vehicle.  Handguns are to be in a locked container when travelling unless you have a permit. is a great website that is very resourceful regarding firearm laws.  Go to the site and click on your state to find all the laws you need to follow.

    To the original question, why leave it in the jeep when you can carry it on your body with a permit?

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