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    Hey guys, started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago on my drives to/from work, nice to listen to something that matters unlike the radio/news all the time.  By the way, I live out in Rocklin, been here about 2 years, and the Jeep is finally to the point that Ive been driving it and getting ready to wheel pretty soon.  Will be breaking it in at Prairie City and plan to do the Winter Fun Festival in Grass Valley this January.

    Below are some pictures of my CJ, little back story here..

    * Got this Jeep as a first car when I was 14, it came from Boston and was my uncles Jeep for over a decade before he passed away. Have had it for 16 years now,  Pics of it when it was blue below were when i first owned it..

    I rebuilt the CJ on a high school kids budget with auto zone parts, fab’d parts and whatever I could make work to circumvent the rust from the Northeast and get it worthy as a daily driver. Drove it like that for 5 years in Wisconsin where I grew up, until all those auto zone parts rusted and fell apart and it was in need of another restoration…live and learn. During those years it was a 4.2/T176 combo, (I rebuilt the 4.2 having punched it .030″ over and gave it a mild cam, but otherwise stock) D30/AMC20 (Stock with 2.73 gears…aweful) and a budget lift with 32″ BFG ATs. Again…was a poor high school kid working at a restaurant and wanted a cool jeep.

    Fast forward a few years, I joined the Coast Guard after college, and the Jeep got a whole new facelift. Stationed down in S Texas, I sourced a clean frame/TF727 and AMC 360 from a guy in Austin, picked it up in a GV, and so it began! With a healthy rebuild of the 360, I pieced together motor mounts for a V8, sold off the I6 and was off to the races.  I was bad about keeping a photo log since I was always so busy and solo doing the restore, but there are some to show the level of depth I got into. The only piece original to the CJ anymore is the VIN plate showing it as an ’83, and the Fiberglass 4wd hardware tub that my uncle had bought…kind of sad that its all been swapped, but that’s whats required of a midwest rig 20 years later.

    5 years and 4 military moves later, I am finally to the point of doing some Sierra Wheeling. Living out in Rocklin CA, I couldn’t be more excited to get up to the rubicon this year.  Had hoped to get out there over the past two years, but life slowed the project down. Today the jeep sits as follows:

    AMC 360 – ’76 block from a wagoneer, bored .040″ over with full head rebuild, RV cam of .375int/.375exh lift at .050 duration, plus sized pistons, clevite bearing set and polished crank

    TF727 – From same ’76 waggy, has been rebuilt, stock TC, B&M Shift kit.

    D300 – This, too is original to the jeep, forgot to mention that. Re-sealed and twin sticked, otherwise original.

    Custom Drivelines – Made by Curtis Tatton (Tatton’s driveline on Ebay), Double cardan rear and 1.25″ dia front to clear tf727 pan

    Ford 9″ Rear – Out of 76 F100, 10″ drums, big bearing, Strange 35 spline shafts 5on5.5, Strange Nodular center section (drag race application chunk w/ 3.250 bearings “S” center section) with detroit locker and 4.56 gears. Narrowed to 58″ for CJ appropriate width.

    D44 Front – Out of 76 Wagoneer, sourced in Reno, nice clean original. Narrowed to 58.5″ for CJ width (standard 4″ cut from drivers side & respline) OE shafts, drivers side re-splined by Parts-Mike. Detroit Tru-Trac Diff & 4.56s to match. F150 outers with waggy calipers/rotors and warn lockouts. Spicer 5-760X joints throughout driveshafts & axles.

    35×12.5×15 Goodyear MT-R Kevlars – Mounted on OE CJ 5 spoke chromies, have gone through a few sets of tires trying to decide but these are going to stay for awhile….until i need beadlocks, but 35s are definitely the way to go with this setup for now. Pre-Owned tires of course, someday ill bite the bullet for some fresh ones!

    BDS 4″ YJ Springs – Spring under, used newer GM square u-bolts and plates to make a ubolt flip setup. YJ width springs front and rear.

    MORE Shackle Reversal – Mixed opinions, figured id try it.

    Borgeson Steering Shaft –  OE Box, leaky but will run it till it dies.

    Warn 8274 – May be selling this, love it, fully restored and built a nice winch plate, but it makes my 360 overheat at cruise speeds.

    Full 6pt Roll Cage – Not yet tied into frame, but all bent and welded by me, finishing up my sliders and then will tie it all together. Seats bolt to cage, not to body.

    Rampage Frameless TJ soft top – One of my favorite accomplishments on the build, designed and built the cage to accommodate a TJ top, fits quite well.

    Mastercraft Rubicon Front Seats/Bestop Trailmax II rear fold n tumble

    Front and rear bumpers by JE Fab (Me), swing out on rear, still need to incorporate more accessories onto it.

    Gillespie coatings alkyd enamel – I sprayed it too, WWII OD used by the army, should have cleared it but was afraid of too much gloss, looks good though.

    Home-brew front flat fenders –  Modeled after a set sold on eBay, bent them up out of 1.25″ hrew tube and 18ga sheet, came out pretty good and cheap!

    Working on re-designing my exhaust, going 2 to 1 single exit 3″ with a 50 series flow master. What is on it is a 2.25 dual setup that I made initially, dont really like it due to leaks and the thrush loud mufflers, single 50 series should tone it down a bit and make it more reasonable to wheel.


    There is much much more involved as you all know, but thats the bulk of it, im sure i missed some though. All of the work… ALL of it…was done by me.  Never once has anyone else worked on this CJ since I’ve owned it aside from the occasional buddy helping out with some heavy lifting, pride myself in my own craftsmanship.

    Any questions please ask, great podcast, will be a long time listener and hope to see you guys on the trails pretty soon! *More axle talk!!!**




    And here are a few photos..

    The jeep as it is nowBack when..



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