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    I was talking with a mechanic that works at a local shop and is also part of the Jeepers Jamboree mechanic team and he said that he sees more JK’s with broken rear axles than front axles on the Rubicon.  My JKU currently has the Stock Dana 44’s that have been geared with 4.88’s to run my 37″ tires.  They have been sleeved and gussets done as well.  I am sold on the RCV’s for the front and would like to hear what folks are running on their JKU’s in the rear?  I’ve heard that G2’s are good…  Thanks!

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    There are a lot of great options out there for the  rear axle of a JK.  One of the major components when shopping for rear axle shafts in my humble opinion is, what is in the warranty on the shafts.

    There have been many reports of people bending the rear outer flange on rear JK axles.  The flange is the flat surface at the end of the axle shaft where the studs for your wheels are mounted.  The JK is heavy and when all the weight of the vehicle is on one corner in the rear it can cause that flange to bend creating some wheel wobble.  It doesn’t necessarily render the vehicle useless, you should be able to limp off the trail.  But once on the road and at high speeds, it will be noticeable.  At that point you would want to replace the axle shaft.  If the flange is warranted then send it in and wheel on.

    Chromoly  shafts are a great edition to any rig.  Just make sure you are getting what you pay for. #AxleTalkPodcast



    In the rear you want Chromalloy shafts.  There are several companies that make good shafts.  As Greg said warranty is important.  Also keeping you factory shafts as spares is a fantastic idea.  In Moab a buddy of mine was able to trade a factory shaft for a brand new Axial Buggy because the Axial JK broke its rear shaft and he had his factory shafts as spares with him on the trail run.  I like over built and to carry insurance.



    Thank for the information Greg and Huck.  I called a number of manufacturers today regarding their products and warranties.   I think I am going to go with the axles from 10 Factory by Motive Gear as they have the longest (10 year) warranty for the money and use 4140 Chromoly Steel .  It can also be shipped from Northridge complete for $460.  I can then keep my fully intact axles as a back up or sell them.  Thanks again for the information!

    You can check them out at the below web site:




    Don’t forget that if you have a Rubicon version of the JK that the right and left axle shafts are different lengths. Not so with the non-Rubicon editions.

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