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    My bike has taken me to freezing heights of 17100ft at -5 degree C and many. But recently the bike has developed a strange problem. Although I do not speed to much but in open roads I cannot but help to crank to full throttle. The problem is that till 90kmph the acceleration is awesome but beyond that it appears that as if there’s a backward drag not letting the bike to pick up speed.The top most speed it reaches these days is 103-104 kmph & that too very slowly, whereas I’ve seen older hunks easily crossing 120+kmph in smooth straight roads. Now, the clutch plate is just 5k kms old, air-filter 10k kms old & I periodically change engine oil after every 2.5k kms. Also I have tried different riding postures & gear shifting procedures but nothing happened.I’ve discussed this issues several times with the ASC guys but everytime they come with confusing replies mostly saying that the bike has grown older enough for delivering top performance(it’s just 25 months old). Also the mechanics in there clearly seems un-skilled regarding detecting & rectifying problems in high end performing bikes..Can anyone suggest me what’s needed to be done.

    Please help.

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