Welcome to the High Sierra 4×4 Podcast!! I’m your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my tenacious and tolerant co host Jeff Bakken. We have been wheeling for a combined 30 years and we are here to share our passion for off roading with you!!

Episode 98!!

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What’s up Jeff?

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Finally some Toyota love! Seriously, Greg and Jeff, I was impressed by your knowledge, and only wished you had this podcast about 5 years ago. Every axle problem, and solution you mentioned, I’ve gone though. Busted stock birf, hub studs, knuckle studs, have seen it, and upgraded each one of these. I think the worst was when the hub studs went, the dowel holes got wallowed out, and I had to replace the entire hub. Can’t wait to hear more.


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Main Topic: IFS or Straight Axle?
Hey guys, been listening since the beginning of the old show.
As a toyota guy you make me laugh and scream sometimes in the same episode.
I wheel a 97 4Runner that is and always will be IFS, I’m currently running 35s and it does everything I want it to do, including wheeling 10 days straight in Moab without a single issue. There are thousands of 4runners, Tacomas, FJCs, 100 series LCs and the like that get wheeled with IFS and rack and pinion steering. Please I beg of you, stop beating up on our trucks lol.

You guys put on a great show, keep up the great work.

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I have listened to these guys from day one of their other podcast. I always look forward to new episodes and love hearing about old stories, mishaps, and plenty about axles. Greg, go take a jaunt on a fireroad in your JK! Jeff, build a new rig!

HIGHSIERRA4X4 – 10% off and free shipping on orders over $70 to the lower 48