Episode 94 – Off Road Storage Solutions

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Episode 94!!

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Main Topic: Storage Solutions

How do we organize our vehicles?

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The brothers Bakken have been bringing up the dealerships up some lately so I thought I’d talk a bit from the other side. First off dealerships are like cops, doctors and lawyers, most are good but a few turds will ruin the punch. I’ve been in the auto industry since I started work at 16. Started in parts for 6 yrs worked my way to service for another 6 yrs at a large dealership conglomerate and now have been installing transmissions at the Super Duty plant for the past 17. So like a Kardashian I’ve been around

I’ll start with the power steering issue. Once you buy the vehicle Jeep is a customer just like yourself, they have to pay the dealership for the parts and repairs. Throwing parts at a problem gets expensive just like it would be for customer pay. Most problems have a trouble tree for the tech to follow. Often the problem with leaks is the fluids are so similarly colored now with the use of synthetics and such tight packaging it’s hard to tell the origin unless its a major failure. The guidelines they have to follow dictate the dye at that point. It’s aggravating coming back but it will MOST times aid in getting the correct fix. Most times a reflash is actually a computer update not just a code clear. Just like your home pc updates are put out often to keep emissions in check. It could be as simple as a timing change for certain regions.

Contrary to belief the tech wants it fixed right the first time as well, they don’t get paid for bring backs. They also don’t mind the warranty although it pays less. The manufacturer will pay but the customer may choose otherwise. Don’t be afraid to ask to talk to your tech, you both have your vehicle in common and have something at stake. Sometimes its like the telephone game, you tell the service writer one thing but it translates differently on the work order. The tech may have seen a similar problem many times and a few key questions/answers may get it diagnosed quicker and more accurately. Also sometimes it just doesn’t act up while the tech has it. Many times I called the customer personally to talk it out,ask questions about when its cold, rainy, after a long drive etc to better my odds of getting it fixed.

Having your vehicle inop is stressful for sure, but try to take a deep breath and calmly talk to your writer. If its the first time for the problem give them a chance to fix it. They want you happy and coming back as well. Customer loyalty is everything to the manufacturer’s.
Loyalty pays off for you as well. If you have your oil or other services done for you take it back to the dealership. Most times they are pretty competitive to the quick lubes. If you happen to have a problem outside of warranty it’s much easier to get it covered if you have a long history of factory care for your car. I’ve seen a car have a major repair covered 10k out of warranty because they were on their 5th Cadillac and had always had all their service done with us.
If it’s truly horrible service call customer care, every manufacturer has a # to call. They want you to be happy and buy more of their vehicles. None of them want you to buy another brand.
That’s all I got I think. Your mileage may vary as the saying goes but it’s what I’ve witnessed and lived. Feel free ask any questions or voice any opinions.

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