Episode 87 – Picking a Family Wheeler

Welcome to the High Sierra 4×4 Podcast!! I’m your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my tenacious and tolerant co host Jeff Bakken. We have been wheeling for a combined 30 years and we are here to share our passion for off roading with you!!

Episode 87!!

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Main Topic: Family Wheeler


I have owned a few jeeps, 84 CJ7, 97TJ, and 03TJ. These rigs were great wheeling rigs for when I had no kids. Now with three kids, I want to take them out wheeling. What are a few great family rigs that you have seen out there. I am leaning toward the almighty JK but looking at the high startup cost. So what are some other great wheelers that you and your dodge loving bro would suggest? Keep it real and get out there.
From Minnesota

What exactly do you plan or want to do with the vehicle?

4 door
Roof hardtop vs removable/soft top

Power Locks
Power windows
Cargo room

Some Thoughts…
Jeep JK Downfall is price
Jeep Cherokee
Jeep ZJ
Toyota 4 runner
Toyota Tacoma 4 door
Landcruiser FJ 80
Landcruiser FJ 60

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