Episode 82 – New Plans for the New Year!!

Welcome to the High Sierra 4×4 Podcast!! I’m your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my tenacious and tolerant co host Jeff Bakken. We have been wheeling for a combined 30 years and we are here to share our passion for off roading world with you!!

Episode 82!!

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What’s up Jeff?

Jeeps in the shop, seeping power steering pump line
Lemon laws regarding aftermarket parts voiding your warranty.


January Giveaway

Main Topic: New Plans for the New Year!!

New year resolutions. We had a chance to look back over 2015, what do we want for 2016?

Rig goals for 2016?

Greg: 60s, 40s, hydraulic assist, roll cage, skid plates, CB install,

Trail Goals:
Greg: Rubicon all the way through, smaller trails I want to ease back into. Slick Rock, Deer Valley, Gold Lakes.

Podcast Goals:
Greg: Be more methodical about topics and series, bigger and badder giveaways, more meet and greets, more runs.

Event Goals:
Greg: Meet and Greets, event Runs

Thread of the Week:

Suggested Thread of the Week!
Jeep Eats Rock!!

Listener Feedback:

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Events and Happenings:

Cal4wheel Winter Fun Festival
January 15-17, 2016