Episode 58 – Off Road Expo, Straps and Shafts!

Intro: Welcome to the High Sierra 4×4 Podcast!! I’m your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my co host Jeff Bakken. We have been wheeling for a combined 30 years and we are here to share our passion for off roading with you!! Whether you’re looking for a Sunday drive or some hard core rock crawling!! We will cover it all!

Episode 58!!

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Lucas Oil Off Road Expo

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Ok few question for you Guys 1. When looking for recovery point (d rings and the such) what kinda weight rating do you guys use does it equal weight of vehicle or what? 2. On straps do you guys go off working load or actual breaking weight (say a 6000lbs working load also has a 18000lbs breaking load) also what brands do you guys buy looking for achor points and Recovery straps I got one in a kit for Christmas but it was only 12′ and had hooks on it so used on a ratch strap that was missing strap.

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